The vision for Empowering Kingdom Leaders is to inspire, instruct, and develop individuals to reach their fullest potential in Christ.

Why “Empowering Kingdom Leaders”?

Empowering Kingdom Leaders is the place where you can grow, change, and be empowered in your development as a Kingdom leader! Through an ’Apostolic’ network of KINGDOM leaders, in all areas of influence, we teach you how to affect your ministry and or business. The vision of Empowering Kingdom Leaders is to inspire, instruct, and develop you to reach your fullest potential in Christ! Our goal is to connect with you other KINGDOM leaders and resources to empower you to reach your fullest potential as a Leader in the advancement of the Kingdom of God!

EKL Core Values

Faith: We declare that God is sovereign and ruler of all.

Excellence: We are committed to do all things with excellence as to obtain favor with god and man.

Integrity: We are committed to remain true to our calling in all spheres of influence as we endeavor to paint an accurate picture of who god really is.

Richard Crisco Richard Crisco - Founder & President

Rev. Richard Crisco pastored a youth ministry during the largest revival in America’s history at Brownsville A/G in Pensacola, FL. His approach towards successful ministry is simply to ‘love God and love people.’ Richard’s burning desire is to train and equip spiritual leaders for the Kingdom of God. Drawing from over 30 years of ministry experience, Richard has a unique way of bringing his listeners back to the simplicity and power of the Gospel!

Nathan Roethe Nathan Roethe - Vice President & CEO

Rev. Nathan Roethe is a 2003 graduate of the University of Illinois with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Nathan has also received his certificate of Pastoral training from Rhema Bible College in 2006. Upon graduating Rhema, Nathan had the privilege of joining Pastor’s Ken & Lynnette Hagin as part of Kenneth Hagin’s All Faith’s Crusades team. Nathan’s passion is connecting and bringing a “freshness” to leaders who are looking for something more! Nathan currently resides as Vice President and CEO of Empowering Kingdom Leaders, Inc.