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The Selfless God


The other day as I was sitting before the Lord, I felt like I heard him say these words, "Richard, I am the Most Selfless Being." This caught me completely off guard because I have never thought of God as being selfless.

We do not normally think of God as being selfless because we do not see Him as He is but we see Him from our human perspective. And because we as humans tend to be self-centered and clamor for platforms, microphones and spotlights, when we hear him say things like, "You shall have no other gods before me," we think it's because He's self-centered, egotistical and insecure. The truth of the matter is, it has nothing to do with Him and how He thinks about Himself, but it has everything to do with us and what He thinks about us.

He wants us to enjoy the fullness of life and He knows that the only way that will happen is if we are devoted only to Him. He is the only source of life, joy, peace and fullness and He knows that if we go to other gods we will only be disappointed and left empty.

Jesus came to earth for several purposes but one of the main purposes was to show us the Father and what God was really like. He also wanted to leave an example for us to follow. He wanted us to become like Him. He wanted to restore us to His likeness. When Jesus came, He emptied Himself of His Godly attributes such as omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. However, He did not empty Himself of His character. He did not change who He was. If He had changed His character or His nature, He would not have been able to reveal to us what His Father was like. So, the Jesus we see in the flesh is the same Jesus that always was and always will be.

One of His main messages was to deny yourself, take up the cross and follow Him. If Jesus wanted us to become like Him and His main message was for us to deny ourselves then He would be a hypocritical God if He were not willing to do the same. And Jesus did do that. He was constantly denying Himself.

Paul made it clear that even though Jesus was God, He willingly became a man. Not only did He become a man, but He was willing to be born a bastard. Paul wrote to the church of Philippi that Jesus was willing to make Himself nothing. I find it ironic that Jesus wanted to make Himself nothing and yet we always want to make ourselves something. We do not realize the moment we become something we disqualify ourselves from being used by God. This is because God specializes in using “nothings” for His purpose.

Have you ever had to make a phone call and minister to someone whom you knew did not like you? If at all possible you would pass the task on to somebody else or find reasons not to make the phone call. You have to deny yourself in order to pick up the phone and reach out to them in love. Likewise, do you think that Jesus was surprised when He came to earth and then found that man rejected him? The obvious answer is no. He knew before He left heaven that He was going to be rejected by man! But He joyfully came anyway. Why? Because it's not about Him, it's about you and me. He is the most selfless, loving God!

The Bible describes God as love. What is love? Love is the most selfless expression known to man. Love is when someone denies him or herself and gives him or herself to someone else. Love is esteeming others better than yourself.

When we can begin to see that God is selfless in nature and when we can understand that He has called us to become like Him, it will change the whole way we do life. We will no longer live for ourselves but we will give ourselves to others and to the greater cause of Christ.

You are never more like Christ then when you have forgotten completely about yourself and given yourself away to meet the needs of others. Ironically that is also when you are the most fulfilled and alive!

Isn’t this what Jesus was trying to teach us when he said, "He that finds his life shall lose it: and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it?" Mt 10:39

How would the church look differently if we each were more selfless like Jesus in our day to day life?

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  • “Pastor Richard has impacted my life profoundly and on so many levels. “Those who know him best, love him most!” He was the first true example of a servant of Christ that I ever met. His love, passion, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, wisdom, integrity, and purity have and will always be branded on a special place of my heart. I am still blessed by his life and ministry to this day every time I listen to one of his messages or think back upon the deposits the Lord gave to me through him. I have nothing but true love, honor, and respect for him. He is truly an awesome man of God!”

    Chris Williams - Virginia Beach, VA
  • “I praise God for the impact that Pastor Richard Crisco has had on my life. His passion for the Lord and for raising up leaders in this hour has greatly affected who I am in the Lord and ministry.”

    Donny Wood - Southwest FL
  • “I consider it not only a privilege, an honour and a huge spiritual investment to have spent time being taught by Pastor Richard. The impact that he has deposited into many lives due to his high integrity, passion & zeal for the Lord, love for people and his servant heart has prepared men and women across the world with their spiritual journey. My life today has been enriched from time spent with Pastor Richard and my desire is that my life will affect others like his life affected mine!”

    Stacey Cooper - Scotland
  • “We have only met one time at a conference but I want you to know how much of an influence you have had on my ministry. I met you through Jeanne Mayo and being apart of the Cadre and you completely changed the way I did youth ministry. I have recently transitioned to being a Sr. Pastor and through your teachings and podcasts you are transforming how I do adult ministry. We may never get to spend time together but thank you for investing in my ministry. For that I am eternally grateful. I have read your sermon notes and listening to your cd’s on Honor and it has made me a better man of God.

    A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning I preached on servanthood and washed the feet of one of the former pastors who now is retired and attends our church. I could not help but give you some of the credit because of your teachings on Honor. I am just grateful for men like you that are not worried so much about fame but people and investing in others. I wish more ministers had your heart. I just wanted you to know how much you are blessing people that you don’t even know but through media we get to learn from a great servant. THANKS!”

    Joey Ruth, Sr. Pastor, First Assembly of God - Bearden, AR
  • “Pastor Richard has had a huge impact on my life. Spending time in early morning prayer gatherings that Pastor Richard led sparked a desire in me to seek the Lord passionately in my own personal life before I ever consider leading others. Hearing his heart and being loved on by him taught me that a leader who is after God’s heart loves those he leads and is willing to lay down his life for them. I’m so thankful for the influence Pastor Richard has had on my life.”

    Crystal Harden, Missionary - Philippines
  • “I am unquestionably a better leader and a better man today because of the ministry of Richard Crisco. I recommend everything he has for sale or any event he’s promoting! Buy it, absorb it, soak in it, and watch it take you to new levels of effectiveness – in the marketplace and the Kingdom of God.”

    Matt Robinson, Youth Pastor - Church of His Presence, Daphne, AL
  • “Pastor Richard is one of the finest, most sincere, and Christ-loving men I have ever known. He exudes the love of Jesus, carries the heart of a father to a fatherless generation, and he is a man we can all trust. He serves Jesus and the body of Christ from a motive of pure love.”

    Jon Featherstone - England
  • “You show me your friends and I will show you you’re future – Pastor Richard Crisco is a leader, a father and a friend to many. If you allow the truth he preaches to influence your life then your future will be great. I am so grateful for the foundation of truth that Pastor Richard has laid in my life and the passion for Christ he modeled before me.”

    Sandy D. Kirk, Ph.D. - America Ablaze Ministries
  • “I was behind the scenes during the time I helped in youth, helping with the prayer group and just being a volunteer. I learned so much from his Sunday School Leadership Class, and from his sermons. I have shared a lot of what I learned to my teenagers. I can honestly say that there will never be another youth pastor like him. I have wished many times that my kids could sit under his ministry.”

    Donna Cooper - Pensacola, FL